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Software Development

Fueled by innovation, dynamic applications tailored to user needs are specialized in by our team.Through continuous exploration and adaptability, it is ensured that our applications remain ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing digital landscape, providing users with cutting-edge and relevant experiences.

Operations and HR

Competitions and hackathons are meticulously organized, emphasizing seamless execution and engaging experiences. Strategic planning ensures these events foster team collaboration and innovation. Our commitment to professional growth is reflected in these initiatives, contributing to our teams success and technological prowess.


Our alumni, advisors, and well-wishers form an integral part of our community. Alumni provide insights and mentorship,advisors contribute expertise and shaping initiatives with a wealth of experience,and well-wishers offer support. Together, they create a robust network,enriching our community with diverse experiences and fostering collaborative growth.

Meet Our Board

Unlike other clubs in our college, our board members are elected from students in their 6th semester.

Devi R

Club Advisor

Assistant Professor

Adithya R



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fullStackSoftware Engineering

Joel Samuel Raj A



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fullStackSoftware Engineering

Jeremy Ashirwad P



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fullStackSoftware Engineering

Noufal Rahman

Web Development Lead


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Harithaa S

Operations and HR lead


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fullStackSoftware Engineering

Coding Club GCT

Not a Rocket Science


Fullstack Development

App Development

Ai Engineering

Software Development

Network Engineering

Social Media

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